PRIVATE LIVES by Noël Coward

What happens when your new partner starts asking about your old relationship?
What does he know?
What did you tell them?
If this happens the day you’ve decided to invite her to a lovely country hotel, make sure your ex-partner hasn’t decided to do exactly the same thing.
A comedy about passion.
A testing ground for love, desire and sex


How are “others”? Do “others” have a better time than I do? It looks like it does, especially at Christmas when I see groups of people celebrating animatedly through the windows of restaurants. The rest of the year “the others” also pay homage to themselves all the time on social networks, bragging about friends, projects and relationships; the most daring even applaud the mother who gave birth to them.

A first reading of “Private Lives” made me think that this adaptation was an archaeology project, and 1930 was farther away than 1606. But paleontologists talk about things 200,000 years ago as “relatively recent” (say, the appearance of homo sapiens on planet earth), and I think a possible adaptation begins when one stops looking for cheap justifications to “bring to the present” what has actually always been there, that is, the tragicomic crack between the biology and culture of human beings. The wounded narcissism as the origin of all the drama and all the laughter that there has been in history, from the slip on the banana skin.

Juan Cavestany


Directed by: Norbert Martínez and David Selvas
With: Marta Marco, David Selvas, Mima Riera and Javier Beltrán.

Translated by: Cristina Genebat
Adapted by: Juan Cavestany

Stage designer: Jose Novoa
Lightning designer: Mingo Albir
Costume designer: Maria Armengol
Sound designer: Ramon Ciércoles
Make up and hairstyle designer: Paula Ayuso
Technical chief: Arnau Planchart
Stage builders: Carles Hernández “Xarli”
Pictures from the show: Felipe Mena
Graphic design: Joan Aguadé
Press: Maria Darnell
Produced by La Brutal with the support from Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Show lenght: 1h 45min

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