From October 29th to november 29th at  Teatre Borràs


Bob Gould works for the Film Industry. He produces films, preferably those that make him make a lot of money. He’s just been promoted, he’s the new production manager of the powerful film studio he works for. The moment Charlie Fox, his old friend, arrives with the proposal to shoot a prison genre action movie with action movie star Douglas Brown, the two producers speculate, euphoric, with a future full of economic profits and wealth. But the irruption of Karen, a young girl, beautiful and apparently innocent, substitute of the habitual secretary of Bob Gould, puts in danger this project. Among the thousands of proposals that arrive in the office of the new production chief, and that will never be seen on screen, there is a novel, “The Bridge”, a kind of moral fable about the transforming power of radiation. The book talks about the fear of the human being and the end of the world. Karen thinks it would be a good film, and that Gould’s work would have to be useful to society, it would have to be used for more than making money. And it is from this moment on that Gould’s poor man no longer knows what to think…


Mamet in its purest form: this is Speed-The-Plow. A precise, sharp and frenetic score for three interpreters, ready to go up on stage like someone who climbs into the ring to fight a very hard fight full of hidden blows. The author says that this is a work about work and about the end of the world, but I read a new poem, sarcastic, lucid and ruthless about capitalism. Can you trust someone when you live in the middle of the “jungle”? What about love? And faith? Is there anything left that is “pure” in this world? Like these (hyperbolically American) producers of Mamet, many of us who are modestly engaged in the profession of storytelling wonder what our work is for. Are we here for people to have a good time? To entertain the staff? Should we aspire to something else? To what? Our obligation is to satisfy what the public expects of us? What does the public expect of us? Unfortunately, I don’t have answers to all these questions, questions that we will continue to ask ourselves until “the end of the world”. Maybe this is what our job is: to keep asking ourselves and talking about these unanswered questions. We have no way of finding a good translation for the magnificent title “Speed-The-Plow”, but well, I guess this is already “Another movie”.
Julio Manrique


Directed by: Julio Manrique
Translated by: Julio Manrique and Cristina Genebat
With: Mireia Aixalà, Julio Manrique and David Selvas
Director assistant: Norbert Martínez

Stage designer: Sebastià Brosa
Lightning designer: Jaume Ventura
Sound designer: Roc Mateu
Costume designer: Maria Armengol
Audiovisuals: Andrew Tarbet
Stage designer assistant: Elisenda Pérez


Produced by  TA_logo_2015
and La Brutal


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