SANTA NIT (HOLY NIGHT. A Christmas story) by Cristina Genebat

Santa Nit (Holy night) tells, as a comedy, the adventures and misadventures of some contemporary shepherds  (pastorets) form Barcelona who have things complicated on Christmas Eve, when their friend Maria goes into labour. The portal is a stop of the railways of the Generalitat, in the Tibidabo Avenue, the mule and the ox have become wild boar of those who live in Vallvidrera. And between telephone calls, voice messages, subway tunnels and a sky that is too polluted to allow the stars to be seen, one ends up hearing the cry of a new life, the cry of someone who, in spite of everything, makes way in this world.

Santa Nit (Holy night) is the celebration of life. Of a free life, without prejudices, without false tolls. Of a new life, that we want, with humour, to dare to dream.



SANTA NIT (Holy Night) by Cristina Genebat

Directed by: Julio Manrique and Xavi Ricart

with: Ivan Benet, Marc Rodriguez, Cristina Genebat, Ernest Villegas, Mireia Aixalà, Albert Ribalta and Norbert Martinez

Stage designer: Jordi Queralt

Stage designer assistant: Guilhem Vilches

Stage builder: Taller d’escenografia Castells and PRO-ESCENA

Lightning designer: Jaume Ventura

Costume designer: Clara Peluffo

Sound designer: Ramon Ciércoles

Video: Sandra Ciércoles

Teaser: Mar Orfila

Poster designer: Felipe Mena and Joan Aguadé

Photography: Felipe Mena

Production manager: La Brutal.

Produced by Bitó Produccions and La Brutal

with the collaboration of   Danien Centro Capilar, Punto Blanco, DestiPro, Seaport, Cottet Óptica

Thank you.

Thanks to Berta Villegas for the telescope and to Guillermo Talavera for explaining how to use it; to Sílvia Pérez Cruz for the saxophone; to Laia Puig for Yoga; to Q-Ars teatre for the teas and the warm welcome; to Víctor Borràs, to Sergi Pompermayer, to Ramon Madaula, to Mariona Ballester and Sílvia Munt for the dramaturgical advice; to Neus Banqué for Arlet and to Arlet Queralt for patience. To Dress Art, Albert Canals and María Armengol for their attention to figurinism; to Paula Ayuso for adjusting our wigs; to the TNC for the chester and the lamp; to La Perla 29 for the lamp; and to Toni Corbella for the help with the scenography; to Pep Garcia for the medical advice. And to the cast of Timó d’Atenes for giving us two actors and to Nuria and Sergi, especially, for covering them. And to all the spectators that come to see us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Playlist SANTA NIT (Una història de Nadal) (Holy Night. A christmas story)