SACRIFICI by Sergi Pompermayer

La Villarroel
From 5 to 20 July 2017 in the off of Villarroel


Where are the boundaries between friendship and love? You will find material to reflect on this subject watching this play, which tells the story of an artist, his lifelong friend and a girl willing to do anything to succeed.

Nil, a young promise painter, has been leaving aside her artistic career in order to have a paid job and move forward the project of life together with Lara. But the return of Marc, an old friend of Nil and great admirer of his work, and the appearance of Mia, a girl who works as a waitress but has a vocation as a rock singer and is willing to do anything to succeed, will cause a series of changes in the life of Nil that he can not control.




Sometimes we confuse admiration with friendship.
Sometimes we believe that we have fallen in love with a person when, in reality, what we fall in love with is what he does, what he represents.
Maybe because he has a gift that we would like to have and we don’t have no matter how much effort we do. We see ourselves reflected and fascinated by the people we would like to be.
And sometimes this makes us judge them too harshly: when they deviate from the path we believe they should follow, when they don’t take advantage of all the potential they have, when we believe they are making a mistake…
And sometimes we decide to act so that this does not happen; so that they see their error and rectify it, and do what we are convinced they are obliged to do.
Even if they don’t want to.
Because, perhaps, they too would like to be someone else and lead another life, but what they have, which we like so much, prevents them from doing it.
But it is difficult to understand that someone does not want to live the life that you would like to have. Especially if they bring beauty and happiness with their art and knowledge.
And, only sometimes, there is a “friend” willing to do whatever it takes so that you don’t make a mistake. Because, deep down, that’s what a good friend does, isn’t it?

Sergi Pompermayer.


Directed by: Sergi Pompermayer
With: Eric Balbàs, Maria Hernández, Mar Pawlowsky and Marc Ribera.
Assistant director: Anna Serrano i Clara Mata
Stage designer: Clara Clos “Closca” i Sergi Corbera
Lightning designer: Marc Salicrú
Costumes designer: Carlota Ricart
Sound designer: Mar Orfila
Pictures from the show: Clàudia Serrahima
Graphic design: Eric Balbàs
Production assistant: Clara Mata

Produced by Mola Produccions, El Eje and La Brutal with the support from  CC Can Felipa.
Show lenght: 1h 20min

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Acknowledges: Albert Roig and Laura Gil, Roger Vilà, Joan Delgado, Pep Duran, Nina Pawlowsky, Carmen Machi, Felix Pons, Mireia Aixalà, Anabel Labrador, Gerard Vidal, Aïda Bellet, Carles Castaño, Xavi Lázaro, and Víctor.