L’ONZENA PLAGA (The eleventh plague) by Victoria Szpunberg

L’ONZENA PLAGA (The eleventh plague)

A couple, who cannot separate for economic reasons, tries to maintain an appearance of normality until a toxic element comes to light and reveals the rottenness of their most intimate everyday.
This work does not want to talk about  couples, but about how the mercantile structure destroys everything. When the eleventh plague arrives, you have no choice but to close the blinds, put Händel’s Messiah and shout loudly.


L’ONZENA PLAGA (The eleventh plague) by Victoria Szpunberg

Directed by: David Selvas
With: Laura Aubert|Javier Beltrán|Paula Blanco|Pol López|Mima Riera|Manel Sans|David Selvas|David Verdaguer|Samuel Viyuela
Costumes and stage designer: Jose Novoa

Lightning: Raimon Rius
Sound designer: Mar Orfila
Make up and hairstyle designer: Paula Ayuso
Stage designer assistant: Marc Salicrú

Production manager:La Brutal
Produced by Teatre Lliure and La Brutal

Montjuïc / Espai Lliure – June 4th to 21st / Season 2014 – 2015