“Disputes of hatred and blood yearning for supremacy, all of you will lie dead on the mud when the sun sets the day.”

Near the ancient Khalpe (the present Aleppo), in the middle of a valley full of caves brimming with precious stones, two families live in harmony, admiring the natural beauty of these minerals as children contemplate the steps of a horse: without wanting to dominate its tracks. But with the arrival of a mysterious man, peace is altered and hatred and grudges appear among the heirs of each family.
Mammon, which in Aramaic means “wealth” and in Hebrew “treasure”, is for the Christians the devil of greed and was for the Phoenicians the God of bonanza. The mythological account of this figure will help us to address the question of today’s Syria, a country immersed in one of the cruelest wars of our century.



Created and directed by: Nao Albet and Marcel Borràs

With Nao Albet|Javier Beltrán|Paula Blanco|Marcel Borràs|Mima Riera|Manel Sans

Costume and stage designer: Jose Novoa
Sound designer: Igor Pinto
Lightning designer: Adrià Pinar
Make up and hairstyle designer: Paula Ayuso
Documentary filmmaker: Guillermo A. Chaia
Director assistant on practice: Gerard Guerra
Stage Assistant: Marc Salicrú

Montjuïc / Espai Lliure – from April 10th to 26th / Season 2014 – 2015