BLUE ROOM by David Hare

BLUE ROOM by David Hare


David Hare’s THE BLUE ROOM  is a contemporary version of Arthur Schnitzler’s LA RONDA. Hare’s adaptation follows the same structure as the original text; it is the story of a series of encounters between different characters, chained one after the other until in the last scene the first character appears again, thus closing the circle. Hare’s success is that he updates the characters of Vienna at the end of the 19th century and turns them into men and women who live in any city today: a politician, his wife, the son of a friend, the au-pair who works at the boy’s house, a taxi driver, a model, a man of high society, a playwright, an actress, and a hustle, are in different rooms – which are still the same – to share their desires, their fears, their obsessions and their silences …

” Do you think that each one of us is just one person? Don’t you think that we are changing? That in front of one person we are one and in front of another we are another?”

From April 29th to June 10th at Teatre Romea
AUTHOR: David Hare

TRANSLATED BY: Cristina Genebat
DIRECTED BY: Norbert Martínez and DavidSelvas


Nao Albet
Àurea Márquez
Maria Rodríguez
David Selvas

Stage desiner: Max Glaenzel
Stage builders: Tallers d’escenografia de Sant Cugat
Lightning designer:
Mingo Albir
Costume designer:
Maria Armengol
Video and sound designer:
Mar Orfila
Sound designer:
Ramon Ciércoles
Felipe Mena
Movement: Iva Horvat


Produced by La Brutal with the collaboration of Teatre Auditori de Sant Cugat  

Acknowledgements: Laia Montanyès, Sandra Monclús, Luis Rodrigo Álvarez Segura, Sara Torres, Guillem Gelabert, Bàrbara Glaenzel and Virginie Leclerc.

Special acknowledgement to
  Teatre Lliure and  its staff.