from June 29 to July 31, 2016
Club Capitol. Sala 2


A former president of a nation speaks to his people saying everything he did not want, could, or knew how to say during his term in office. After a few years of government that poured the country into crisis, now, encouraged by the desire (altruistic or narcissistic) to finally move to the side of those that history classifies as “good,” the former president confesses everything. The bad things and the good things. But above all the bad things, because excusing oneself for the good, if you look closely, doesn’t make much sense. For the first time, the former president speaks openly, taking off that mask that a politician (almost) always adopts when he ceases to be a man of the people to act as a public man. For the first time, the former president speaks freely: a free man before a free people. Or so it seems.



This is a work about language.
About the ease with which language is confused as a descriptive tool and language as a creative tool.
A work about the use of language, and even more about the manipulation of language by power, about its capacity to create a fiction that imposes itself on the Others and subtly becomes truth.
Parasitic of political rhetoric (and therefore, in some way, of theatrical rhetoric), the discourse of the former president flows clear, simple, in search of the word that finally says things as they are.
But is it really possible to express reality through words?
Or is not language in itself already the construction of a fiction, which inevitably distances us from reality just when it tries to communicate it, analyse it or to explain it?
Is the former president really confessing?
Or is it not, rather, another invented story?

Davide Carnevali


When La Brutal’s friends sent us the text of the Davide, it was very easy for us to decide to go ahead with this Confession. The words and speech of this unnamed ex-president entered us through every possible hole and brought to light the desire we had to direct and interpret it. Putting oneself in the shoes of an ex-president is always attractive. And if he is prepared to be accountable to the people, even more so.
The financial crisis, the disconnection of the political class with the people, the economic kidnapping of indebted countries, corruption, old and new politics, privatizations, the entry of foreign capital, concepts that no longer surprise us and have become part of our lives. Our protagonist speaks of all this from the perspective of freedom, the tranquillity of those who no longer have to measure their words. And also from the irony.
Don’t look for what ex-president we are talking about because there can be many of them. In these times that we have had to live if you could find ten just kicking a tree.
May you enjoy this Confession as we have prepared it.

Xavi Ricart and Queco Novell


Confession of a former president
(who led his country to the edge of the crisis)
by Davide Carnevali

Directed by: Xavier Ricart
With: Queco Novell
Translated from italian by: Davide Carnevali
Lightning designer: Jaume Ventura
Audiovisual and sound designer: Francesc Isern
Costume designer: Maria Armengol
Make up and hairstylist designer: Helena Fenoy
Stage designer: Jordi Queralt
Stage builder: Carles Hernández “Xarli”
Stage manager: David Olivares

Sound designer collaboration: Damien Bazin
Video assistant: Beatriz García

Translation collaborators: Carles Fernández Giua and Instituto Italiano di Cultura
Show pictures: Felipe Mena
Graphic design: Joan Aguadé
Trailer form the show: Francesc Isern | Damià Haro

Acknowledgents: PIIGS, Outis Tramedautore, La Perla 29, Tere Mayoral, Catalonia Hotels & Resorts (Jordi Alcoriza, Lourdes Sitjà i Patrícia Lledó), Gemma Pinyol, Sergio Maydeu, Marco Pascali, La Virgueria, Marina Quesada, Alberto San Juan, Michele Di Mauro, Ferran Dordal, Estel Cristià, Natália Obiols and Mireia Mora.

Produced by La Brutal with the collaboration of Minoria Absoluta

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