BLUES by Sergi Pompermayer

Terrorism frightens us, but we are also afraid to grow old, to get sick, to lose our job, our partner, our children, that our culture and identity will collapse, that the world as we know it will collapse. And when we are governed by fear, we become extremely weak, and we become uncritical. The characters in this montage want to do well, but are limited by their fears, and will have to face them to be freer.

This show is part of the cycle. Terrors de la ciutat. Escenaris de conflicte i por.


A possible Islamist-style terrorist attack is the trigger for a political and social crisis that Anna, Director General of Police, has to face. But her problems don’t end there. Things aren’t easy at home either. Her teenage daughter, Nala, is increasingly rebellious and distant from her, and the efforts of Max, Anna’s partner, to improve the home environment are not working. On the other hand, Ernest, Anna’s father and writer, is going through a creative and personal crisis after having suffered a domestic accident, and focuses his attention on Abdul, an Arab boy without papers whom he wants to help. The tension of the situation both on the street and at home makes the lies and silences that have maintained the fragile balance of family relationships come to light. And, in the background, the soundtrack of those who have nothing, the blues.



Author: Sergi Pompermayer
Directed by: Norbert Martínez

Cast: Gemma Brió, Eduard Buch, Esmeralda Colette y Xicu Masó

Stage designer: Cesc Calafell
Lightning designer: Marc Salicrú
Costume designers: Bàrbara Glaenzel
Sound and video designers: Mar Orfila
Make up and hairstyle adviser: Alícia Robles
Stage manager: Irene Fernández
Stage builders: Carles Hernández “Xarli” y Òscar Hernández “Ou”
Technical chief: Arnau Planchart

Poster and and pictures: Felipe Mena
Picture of Sergi Pompermayer and Norbert Martínez: Kiku Piñol

Thanks to: FOCUS, Smeg, Alex Álvarez, Manel Carrasco, Xavi Ricart, Queco Novell, Lídia Herédia, Anna Pujol, Núria Coromines and Júlia Barbany.

Co-produced by la Sala Beckett and La Brutal

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