Midsummer (a play with songs) de David Greig and Gordon McIntyre

Midsummer (a play with songs) de David Greig and Gordon McIntyre

Helena is a divorce lawyer who has long been involved with a married man. Bob spends his life doing illegal work and has long since left behind his plans to become a writer. After meeting in a bar, the two will live a weekend of transformation, which will change their lives forever. Lives that, like many of us, have the city as a constant background. A forest where we can get lost but, also, we can find each other, as also happens in “Dream of a summer night”. Here, as in Shakespeare’s comedy, Bob and Helena will discover that what they think they want and what they really want are completely different things.



Author: David Greig
Composer and lyricist: Gordon McIntyre

Direction: David Selvas
Translated by: Cristina Genebat
Main actors: Ivan Massagué and Marta Bayarri
Musicians: Aurora Bauzà and Pere Jou (TelemannRec.)
Set designer: Blanca Añón
Lighting designer: Mingo Albir
Costume designer: Maria Armengol
Characterization: Paula Ayuso
Sound designer: Roger Àbalos
Musical arrangements: TelemannRec.
Photography: Lander Larrañaga
Video: Mar Orfila
Graphic Design: Joan Aguadé
Collaboration: Anabel Himbernon

A production of La Brutal and Minoria Absoluta



Fragile and fun, MIDSUMMER is a rare avis. A romantic comedy with a lot of head and a big heart.
Sprinkled with ironic songs that dissect the tangled map of love.
David Greig’s text explores the exciting dessire that we all have to take control of our lives and reinvent ourselves whenever we want. Like when Helena inserts the ticket in the parking machine and reads what the screen says: CHANGE IS POSSIBLE. She reads it as a sign, as a philosophical reflection written especially for her.
The text and its songs imply an urgency to SHARE the story with the audience, the piece asks for a particular way to explain itself and that is what we have tried.
In our show there is a lot of concert, of show…of common experience, as in REAL life.
At this point in the game we already know that life is not like a Hollywood movie. It’s hard, messy, it rains, people get hot and sweaty; sex is shit and love is anything but easy.


David Selvas