WOHNWAGEN by Rémi Pradère

From November 9 to December 4, 2016 at La Seca – Espai Brossa


“Wohnwagen” means roulotte in German. It is a word composed from “wohnen”, live, and “wagen”, which can mean vehicle but also dare.
WOHNWAGEN speaks of love. Of the comforts and difficulties of romantic love in the 21st century. About commitment and about us.

Show in Catalan, Spanish, English, Italian, French and German.

WOHNWAGEN de Rémi Pradère from La Brutal on Vimeo.


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From Wednesday to Saturday 21h and Sunday at 19h
Price: Wednesday and Thursday 10€. Friday, Saturday and Sunday 18€

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Author: Rémi Pràdere
Dramaturgs: Gerard Vidal Barrena, Anna Serrano, Marc Salicrú and Max Grosse Majench
Directed by: Max Grosse Majench and Anna Serrano
Translated by: Max Grosse Majench and Àlex Reig
With: Kira Anzizu, Guillem Barbosa, Max Grosse Majench, Elena Martín, Laura Weissmahr y Oriol Puig

Stage and lightning designer: Marc Salicrú
Costume designer: Chloe Campbell
Audiovisuals: Gerard Vidal Barrena
Music by: Jonathan Hamann, Juan Luis Batalla, Lucía Fumero, Gerard Vidal Barrena, Pau Balaguer, Rémi Pradère
Assistant director and production: Carla Celda
Photography by: Itsaso Arizkuren and Pol Rebaque
Making of: Adrià Botella and Zak Ramis

Acknowledgements: Jaume Madaula, Marc Guanyabens, Ssoí Ramon, Eudald Valdivieso, Marta Cruañas, Martí Pavia, Vera Moles, Pol Rebaque, P14 and El Pumarejo.



This season, in La Brutal we have decided to participate contributing however we can to some projects that we find interesting. We have tuned the production concept to our measure and we have begun to collaborate with Wohnwagen’s company.

Seeing the working conditions of small and not so small companies with newly created projects, professionals in the sector who want to show their project to the public and who, especially for economic reasons, cannot have the minimum resources to work with the necessary dignity, we have decided to help by committing ourselves to at least follow the process, to give up materials and our working structure.  This way we can learn from each other. It is a valuable exchange, we receive new inputs: creativity, a different way of working to ours, we know new professionals in the sector, … and in return, we can bring experience, even if only by age or projects created, we already have a little more.

We continue to learn in this way. Counting on the complicity of professionals in the sector, individuals, companies and organizations, both public and private that have helped us grow, advance and move forward our projects. Therefore, it is good that we follow this line of collaboration.

When  Max Grosse told us about this project, it was clear to us that we wanted to do something, to participate. We have followed them since they started with the project of the malnascuts at the Beckett theatre. It’s a team without complexes in which everyone contributes their share of creativity, no matter what task they develop. Capable of creating an international project without ever thinking that it is international. They are a generation that understands the world as their home. It doesn’t matter if they live in Berlin, London, Paris, Madrid or Barcelona. They are united by a common fact, the desire to work together.

We hope you enjoy this experience as much as we do.

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